Well you can read below about the "history" of me and my photographic journey, but the truth is I just love marriage. I support marriage and love that I get to have such a personal and fun relationship with my clients during one of the most important times in their lives. Truth be told, it's almost like we date for a year or so with all that we do together before, during and after your wedding!

Sometimes we're given gifts from God the second we're born, but it takes us years to discover them.

After being homeschooled for nine years, I finally went to high school and for an elective I was persuaded into taking a photography course by my mother, who was a photographer and gave me my first camera at the age of 4. I fell in love with the art from the moment I heard the shutter click.

Right now I'm at the beginning of my own marriage with my husband, NJ Cinematographer Rob Adams, our little Pekingese dog Tico and our baby girl Felicity.