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About Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy is a highly sought-after wedding photographer known for her stunning imagery and artistic vision. She is internationally recognized for her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to her craft.

From her elegantly composed photographs to her seamless blending of timeless sophistication and modern flair, Vanessa Joy's work has captivated audiences worldwide.

She is praised for her ability to effortlessly capture the essence of each couple's love story, weaving together moments of intimacy and grandeur to create alluring, romantic, and moving portraits.

While Vanessa Joy primarily captures luxury celebrations in New York, New Jersey, and Texas, she also travels to destination weddings to document love stories worldwide. 

Honoring Your Unfolding Love Story

It is an honor to bear witness to the many ways people come together to celebrate their love.

My goal is to capture the character of a couple’s story with elegance, sincerity, and joy, and to offer couples a standout experience with every detail meticulously considered.

I think of the images I capture as elemental components of an unfolding narrative that, when brought together, tell your great love story.

I focus on small, intimate moments, along with the big-picture grandeur of the day, to compose a magnetic portrait of your identity as a couple.

I strive to create photographs that deeply resonate, to capture the essence of what truly matters to you.

My Commitment

Providing every couple with a totally custom experience, where delight and surprise intertwine with meaningful gestures along the way. 

It's about fostering a genuine connection and gaining insight into your unique story, which ultimately allows me to capture the narrative you wish to share with the world.

Immersive elegance

Each wedding has a distinctive aesthetic and unique story to tell, a singular style and tapestry of significant people and relationships. At your wedding, I absorb myself in the atmosphere, aiming to convey the spirit of place and space. 

When you revisit your wedding photos, you will be immersed in what it felt like that day. You’ll see an honest reflection of yourselves. You’ll witness real emotion, sincere expression, unprompted feeling. This embodies the elegance, grace, and integrity that characterizes my work.

Part of my process is spending time with you and getting emotionally invested in your story so I can capture who the two of you are, together.

images that encompass the true nature of your love

As seen in

Vanessa Joy is a master of her craft with over 20 years of award-winning experience in wedding photography.

Beyond her talent as a top luxury wedding photographer, she is also a mentor and educator in the wedding photography community. Through her books, workshops, courses, and speaking engagements, she shares her wealth of knowledge and experience internationally, inspiring aspiring photographers to pursue their passion and hone their craft.

Commissioned by Fortune 500 companies like Hilton and esteemed photography brands like Profoto, she’s been named one of the top 5 wedding photographers in the country by Canon USA, and given the highly esteemed title Explorer of Light.

Vanessa Joy met her husband, videographer Rob Adams,  while shooting a wedding. They have two children and a pup who loves to keep her company while she’s editing. She enjoys winemaking and especially loves a good Napa Red Zinfandel.

A Wedding Photography Authority 

Behind the lens

Deep connection to document lasting legacy

Crafting images that families will treasure for generations to come is a true privilege. My commitment extends beyond capturing images digitally. It’s about ensuring that your memories are preserved in tangible, timeless pieces.

From artfully printed photographs embellishing the walls of your home to meticulously curated albums your descendants can cherish for years to come, these are lasting testaments to the enduring love that binds your family.

From capturing engagements to documenting the joy of maternity, what an honor to weave together these enduring family heirlooms.

One of the best parts of being a photographer is nurturing relationships with my legacy clients…the couples who invite me into their lives to document their most precious moments. 

Invest in your legacy

Your wedding photographs are one of the only investments in your day that will last through your lifetime and beyond.

Our couples investments start at $7,500, with an average initial investment of around $8,500 for an associate team and $16,000 for Vanessa to personally photograph your wedding. We’re happy to create custom collections fit to your needs.

We limit our bookings to just a few weddings each year to maintain a personalized boutique experience for every couple. We encourage you to reach out now to check our availability for your wedding date.

Let’s Capture Your Unique Love Story